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The Edgy vs. the Boho side of me

Clean cuts, unicolors, denim, leather, materialmix - all these are the basic attributes of my style, as you might have noticed already. Minimalistic, but with maximum effect I would say - haha. However, this summer I kind of fell in love with the 70s trend...

If it comes to me, I never really was a big fan of patterns or combining different colors. Still, I always liked it on other people. I guess, fashion really is a way of expressing your personality. Something that is actually the complete opposite of my style is the boho / hippie trend! Especially being dominant in the 60s and 70s, this summer it is having its revival. Old elements are combined in a new way, making them the latest trend again.

After collecting so many inspiration in different magazines, the internet and of course in the Entre Deux Shops, I was somehow very tempted to try this trend out myself. So, I found the perfect 70s-inspired piece at Zara,  which is the patterned kimono. To be honest, it kind of reminds me of the carpet we have in our living room, but after putting it on and enhancing the look with some real 70s Clogs and a natural brownish make-up, I absolutely felt great. Yes, the 70s trend has affected me so much, I am even considering buying flared jeans! 

For a contrast, I am also showing you a second outfit - one, that is more typical me. It is basic and rather dark, but the details make it special. With "details" I am especially referring to my new favorite bag; the leather, crocodile print city bag with chains. It reminds me so much of Chanel Boy, so that was one more reason for me to buy it. But also the navy blue peplum top is a very special piece, as it really makes a nice feminine shape.


You see, again, I am so in love with my new pieces and I am trying to be open to new trends. So now it's your turn to discover a 2015 trend in the Entre Deux!



Boho Blouse for 49,95€ from ZARA

Te koop bij Zara voor € 49,95

Peplum Top for 17,95€ from Zara

Te koop bij Zara voor € 17,95

Leather City Bag for 129,00€ from Zara

Te koop bij Zara voor € 129,00