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Packing my bags for Sydney!

After two and a half years studying in Maastricht, the time has come to broaden my horizon! In only a few days my first, big adventure is going to start - I am flying over to Sydney for my semester abroad! Excited as I am, packing my bags for half a year is not that easy...

As a student of International Business at Maastricht University it is obligatory to go abroad for half a year - which is also one reason why I started studying there in the first place. I decided to go to Sydney, for many reasons: Its warm, beautiful, diverse and it is suuuper far away! 

I have never been away from home for such a long time and also never had to decide what clothes to take with me for 6 months. To be honest, it is really not easy to do so, especially when you only have one suitcase with 30kg allowed to take with you. So, I had to make many trade-offs...

Fortunately, summer clothes are very light, so I managed to squeeze a decent choice of clothes into my suitcase. Some of my essentials were for example, the Ray-Ban Sunglasses which can be bought at Het Huis Eye Wish Opticiens, a nice pair of jeans shorts, lace-up sandals, some cute tops and light jackets with boho-summer feeling! I will show you in my next post, straight from Sydney, how this looks like. 

Oh, and not to forget... I bought a lovely silver ring from Siebel that I will always wear during my travels and that should remind me of the great time in Maastricht.


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Pullover with Sequins from Virgin Concept Store

Te koop bij Virginia The Concept Store voor € In Sale for ca. 80

Silver ring from Siebel

Te koop bij Siebel voor € ca. 100