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New City - New Inspiration

Hello from Cologne! I left my beloved Maastricht in order to spend my summer here in Cologne. So basically, I moved from a little fashion city to a big fashion city...

I can't believe it's already end of July! More than one month has passed since I moved to Cologne for my summer internship. But don't worry, of course I did not reject my beloved Maastricht ... I will be back in September for my studies.  And it's already my fifth post for Entre Deux - and good news, there are many more posts to come!

Anyway, let's not talk about how fast time passes by, but rather about how we can make the best out of it. One thing that makes us fashion-lovers happy is shopping! So before I left Maastricht I went for my traditional Entre Deux shopping trip and bought some great things.

Inspiration on how to combine my new things was quickly found on the streets of Cologne - this is what I also love about traveling: Different cities have different people and thus different fashion styles and trends that can be a great new source of inspiration.


So, with my new clothing and loads of new inspiration, I created three different outfits I want to share with you today.

My first look includes a basic piece that every woman should have in her closet these days - a boyfriend blazer! I found this lovely one at Zara and it works perfectly with a chic outfit for the office as well as a cool and sporty look with jeans and/or sneakers. I went for a rather boyish look, wearing another boyfriend-element - loose jeans. To add a feminine touch I decided to show a little bit more belly skin. 

My second look is a modern, elegant all-black look that includes the fashion-statement of this summer - Culottes! Just like Marijke (check out her post with culottes!) I became a really big fan of these light pants, which are simply perfect for hot weather. I  combined them with a crop top and added some color with my bright red lipstick. 

My third look is more colorful and again picks up this year's 70s trend. Mustard is the color I associate mostly with that time and to be honest, it is a quite complicated color that most of us do not like. However, I directly fell in love with this chiffon top and gave the color a chance. I think I made the right decision, as mustard actually looks quite nice with tanned skin, gold accessoires and denim, dont you think?


Oh and by the way, I will be testing products from Soap Stories at the moment - Find my review in next month's post! 


Boyfriend Blazer from Zara

Te koop bij Zara voor € 69,95

Crop Top from Zara

Te koop bij Zara voor € 9,95

Culottes from Zara Sale

Te koop bij Zara voor € 17,99

Chiffon Top from Zara

Te koop bij Zara voor € 24,95

Leather bag from Zara

Te koop bij Zara voor € 129,00