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My first two months in Sydney & a last Goodbye.

Of course I can't simply leave for Sydney and not update you! Today I want to share some thoughts with you about fashion in Sydney and say a final goodbye as fashion blogger for Entre Deux!

It's been already two months that I am here in Sydney - and it is just like I have imagined it to be. Going to the beach whenever you like, kangaroos and koalas, stylish people everywhere, amazing shopping possibilities and that feeling you cannot really describe, which just makes you smile all day.

We all know the typical places in Sydney, like the Opera House or Bondi Beach, but let me tell you a little bit about Sydney Fashion. People here love to dress up. The first time I went out at night I was impressed by how much effort people put in their style. I realized that high heels, perfectly made hair and make-up and sexy dresses are a must. Sydney is chic and very far away from the European hipster trend. It takes time to get used to that, but I must admit... I love it! Here you can absolutely buy these clothes of which you used to think "Where should I wear this?!" - Yes, Sydney is the right place to get overdressed.

Sydney style is very interesting, however, I still like to get inspired by outfits from back home, or by EntreDeux Bloggers Marijke, Anouk and now also by our new lovely member Taria-Ann! In that why, I try to combine the best of both fashion worlds!


I hope I could give you a little insight about fashion in Sydney... because this will be my very last post for EntreDeux. It was a pleasure blogging for you and if you like you can still follow me on my personal accounts!

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