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It's time for Christmas Shopping!

Christmas Shopping - you either love it or you hate it! But honestly, how can someone not like all the lovely and sparkling christmas decorations in the shops, the great promotions and the anticipation of making your beloved ones happy with a personal present? No idea! And to make Christmas Shopping an even nicer experience, let me give you one advice: Don't procrastinate!

Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away ...

We all know this ultimate Christmas song by Wham! and certainly there is no way around it in December. Although it is the time of spreading love, we do not have to give away hearts (and get heart-broken) - buying presents suffices for most of us ;-)

Unfortunately, Christmas Shopping is associated with a lot of stress for many people, but I think it does not have to be that way: If you start early on and see it rather as a nice experience than a duty, then you will certainly be able to enjoy it! 

So, the other day I put on my super warm winter jacket from ZARA and went to the Entre Deux, not to buy some new clothes for myself, but to get inspired and maybe even buy some Christmas presents already. Therefore, I strolled through shops like Cadeaux, Xenox, Cook & Co and Intertoys.

For my Mum and my sister, I discovered lovely decorations such as candles or signs with funny slogans. New cooking utilities would certainly also make my Mum happy  - plus it would come with a bonus for me, too! Also I have some friends that would appreciate new, modern dishes or some of those great little helpers in the kitchen that you always want but somehow never buy. 

Everyone knows, diamonds are a girl's best friends. Actually, we girls love any kind of jewelery! So if you want to make someone's heart beat faster, this might be the right present to go with. 

For my Dad, I found these super cool, vintage radios with which he could listen to his favorite old songs. And for my big brother I will definitely use the opportunity to buy him some new, nice clothes.

Last but not least, and probably most importantly, are the presents for the little kids! I know my little sister will make big eyes if she sees a XXL Minion under the christmas tree!

Entre Deux offers many different shops, covering everything you need to buy for Christmas. You will not find it stressful at all, but instead can anticipate the happy faces of your friends and family once they unpack their presents. 

Plaid Blazer from Zara

Te koop bij Zara voor € 79,95

Winterparka from Zara

Te koop bij Zara voor € 99,95