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It already feels like Spring in Maastricht!

We can finally say goodbye to thick winter jackets and pullovers and welcome back our lovely spring clothes! Also, now is definitely the right time to upgrade our spring/summer collection for this year! I already started a bit...

Feeling the first warm sun rays of 2015 on my skin made me feel so happy and enthusiastic about this year's spring and summer! Although spending the cold and dark winter nights in bed with a hot chocolate is not too bad, I prefer being outside, getting active and enjoying the fresh air with my beloved ones. But that's not the only thing I like about spring. I feel like spring and autumn are the best seasons when it comes to fashion. It's the time, when it is all about layering, allowing you to create so many different combinations, throwing together your winter and summer clothes. Even if you wear all your favorite clothes at once, its quite likely that your look will turn out great! 

So, the look I want to present you today actually combines some winter clothes with summer clothes in order to create the perfect spring look! I am wearing some of this year's absolute must haves:

  • A distressed Mom-Jeans - yess, it reminds a lot of Beverly Hills 90210 right?
  • A white off-shoulder crop-top - showing a bit of belly skin is absolutely fine again!
  • A long-cardigan 
  • A gold statement necklace - adding a little boho touch to the clean look!

Although many people associate spring with wearing colorful clothes, I prefer light and natural shades. I think beige, white and denim is the perfect combination.


However, with spring arriving, summer is also getting closer and closer, which means that we really need to get rid of the extra pounds that have kept us warm during winter. It's time to get active again and having a cool, new outfit gives us some extra motivation to go and work out. Therefore I bought a nice new and colorful look that will support me in getting fit again hopefully!