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Happy New Year!

December is by far the most emotional month of the year - for many good reasons! Friends and family come together, harmonic music is playing out loud all over the radios, and of course the year is coming to an end...

... and the end has to be celebrated! 

After all the lovely and calm days with family and friends, eating loads of good food, it's time to shake off the calories during New Year's Eve! 

The expectations for the party of the year are always so high: We have to wear the perfect dress, put on the perfect make-up and need to attend the best party of the year. And we all know, when expectations are high, disappointment is often even higher. 

Maybe you simply cannot have it all... but at least I know, I found the perfect dress! I directly fell in love with this black tulle dream from Virgin Concept Store when I saw it. Wearing this dress, no matter how the party is going to be - I will definitely have fun showing off that lovely piece. 

Since NYE nights are one of the longest nights, you do not want to get tired while everyone is still dancing and having fun. Hurting feet in high heels are no excuse! Therefore, I will make sure to have a comfy pair of sneakers with me this year, so that I can dance all night long. And to be honest, I think this combination of chic dress and white shoes is somehow really interesting, right?


It's time to get emotional one last time in 2015 and celebrate into an even greater year, filled with adventures, experience, people and aspirations!