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Darker days - darker colors

I know, the last post was all about how to get some color into the grey autumn days... but does that necessarily mean that grey and black cannot make you feel good and happy? I dont think so! Let me show you two dark tone-in-tone looks that will put a smile on your face for sure!

The days are getting shorter, the clouds are showing up way too much again and slowly the temperatures are going down. After a summer full of events, travel, fun and sunshine, it is always pretty sad when all off this is over. Bye shorts, bye light chiffon, bye sandals. 

Well girls, you know what? You can finally welcome back your cozy knits, leather boots and scarfs - and to be honest, I even prefer these over the summer clothes. Autumn outfits make you feel comfortable and warm and you dont have to worry about typical womens' doubts like "Do I look fat in these shorts?!". So, we actually have something to look forward to... speaking fashion-wise. 

Grey and black are the autumn's best friends. Therefore I came up with two (almost) tone-in-tone looks, involving some of my lovely new It-Pieces from the Entre Deux.

I found the perfect leather cut-out boots, just with the right heel height, at Men at Work. They are a real investment, as they are so basic and high quality that I can imagine wearing them in the next years! Great turtlenecks I found at Hollister, which I directly bought in more than one color. A long black, oversized knitted dress goes perfectly with overknee boots, over leather pants or with a nice belt (from Virgin) and finally these super cool, grey biker jeans, which are an all-year trend piece. 

Autumn fashion really has so much to offer and less to worry about, you should check it out yourself! :)

Biker Jeans from Zara

Te koop bij Zara voor € 39,95

Turtleneck from Hollister

Te koop bij Hollister Co. voor € 18,00