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Quick shop tips

Quick shopping tips in Maastricht

Sometimes you just want to get your shopping done quickly. You may need a shirt to go with that special blazer; or shoes to go with that special outfit. These quick shopping tips will make your shopping spree much easier. Continue reading to discover how you can shop as efficiently as possible in and around Entre Deux.

Thanks to its central location, Entre Deux is easy to reach by car, public transport, bicycle and moped. There are ample parking facilities at the Q Park garages on the Vrijthof square or near the market squares and Mosae Forum. From here you can walk directly into the city centre and start shopping!

Comfortable footwear

Ladies planning to race about from one shop to another are advised to wear comfortable shoes. Those cute cobblestones paving the Maastricht streets may lend the city its authentic charm, but they are difficult to manoeuvre in high heels! We recommend leaving these in your wardrobe and wearing flats when shopping: you won’t get a heel stuck between the cobblestones and you’ll be able to walk much faster!

Start at Entre Deux

Entre Deux is the ideal place to start for those in search of fashion and more. You’ll find a wide range of items here, from sports articles to toys and from accessories to leading brand fashions. And, when you’re exhausted from all that shopping, Entre Deux has several lunchrooms where you can catch your breath and assimilate all those new impressions! You can use the overview to search for shops by name, category or level.

Other shopping centres

Another shopping centre located in the proximity of Entre Deux is Mosae Forum. This centre features dozens of shops, specialty stores and catering facilities. You can also shop at Grote Staat, Maastricht’s biggest shopping street with many excellent shops and major department stores. Both Mosae Forum and Grote Straat are only a few minutes’ walk from Entre Deux.

Couldn’t find what you’re looking for?

These days, all shops in Maastricht city centre are open on Sundays, which means you can shop in Limburg’s capital seven days a week! If you were unable to find what you were looking for, don’t despair! You can come back any time you like. One last tip: keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram page to stay updated on all of the special offers and events we have in store for you!