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Maastricht,The Netherlands

Parking in Maastricht

The city centre of Maastricht offers many parking facilities. Here are a few tips for parking your car in Maastricht:

Parking garages

Maastricht city centre offers over 7,000 parking spaces. Entre Deux is situated within walking distance of several outstanding parking facilities. There are two large parking garages in the direct vicinity: one at the Vrijthof and market squares and another at the Mosae Forum. The parking garages at Maasboulevard, Griend and Céramique Noord are all approximately a ten-minute walk from the shopping centre, as is the Sphinx car park.

Park & Walk

You can also choose the attractive ‘Park & Walk’ alternative, a special car park located at Cabergerweg that, although uncovered, offers secure and inexpensive parking. You can park here for an entire day for just €8.00. Walking through Capucijnenstraat you will be at Entre Deux in only eight minutes.


The city of Maastricht offers shoppers assistance in finding a parking space through its Parking Route Information System (PRIS). These signs will direct you to various parking facilities, while indicating the number of spaces currently available. The goal of this initiative is to keep parking in Maastricht pleasant as well as convenient.